Cuckoo Clock Problem? Now is the Time for Restoration

Cuckoo clocks are treasured family heirlooms, reminders of past adventures, departed loved ones, and times gone by. When Brookline clock lovers have a problem with their clocks, they turn to Village Watch Center for cuckoo clock troubleshooting, cleaning, and restoration.

Why Does My Cuckoo Clock Keep Stopping? 

Cuckoo clocks sometimes fail to keep time correctly or they might not chime as expected. It’s frustrating when that happens and you might be tempted to move your clock to the basement or the attic. You don’t have to give up your cherished cuckoo clock! At Village Watch Repair, we are experts at cuckoo clock troubleshooting and as well as repairing all kinds of clocks, including wall clocks, table clocks, mantel clocks, and watches.

Where Should I Get My Cuckoo Clock Serviced?

A visit to Village Watch Center in Boston is a trip back in time to the way things used to be, when artisans knew their customers by name, provided free estimates, did clock repair on site, offered a guarantee, and took pride in their work. It’s also a peek into a future in which you can be confident that your priceless timepieces will remain in good condition for years to come.

If you have a cuckoo clock problem, this is not a time for a do-it-yourself approach. Don’t try to repair this delicate timepiece on your own and don’t subject it to potential damage by shipping it to an unproven online repair site. Instead, bring it to the professionals at Village Watch Center, located at 233 Washington Street in Brookline.

Our professional craftsmen are expert in diagnosing, repairing, and cleaning cuckoo clocks. Whether your clock is carved, chalet, contemporary, pendulum regulated, or Black Forest, we can fix it. 


Broken parts are one reason for a cuckoo clock problem. The experts at Village Watch Center are expert at tracking down replacement parts for any kind of clock.


If a broken chain is causing your clock to malfunction, our experts can solve the problem. Of course, that is only one reason that cuckoo clocks fail to operate as they should.


When you bring a clock to Village Watch Center for repair, our specialists will:

  • perform tests on your clock to determine the source of your cuckoo clock problem
  • disassemble and clean your cuckoo clock
  • replace any missing or broken parts
  • lubricate your cuckoo clock
  • ensure your cuckoo clock’s return to full operation


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