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Welcome to our Timecentre online site. This is our effort to bring you the services and products of our shop a little closer and keep you updated on new products and services that we offer. Our website will aim to update you on the latest news about our shop, situated at the South Coast Mall in Shelly Beach on the KZN South Coast.

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We are excited to welcome you to our shop and assist you in any of your watch or clock needs. Please feel free to browse through our new site and find the products and services we offer. If you have never been to our shop, we have provided a user-friendly map to Southcoast Mall. Should you wish to contact us please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form. We hope you enjoy browsing through our site in order to assist you with any queries you may have about Timecentre and hope to welcome you in our shop soon. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Timecentre consists of husband and wife, Wolfgang and Kerstin as well as their eldest son, Deni, who had joined the family business in 2006 and his wife Raksha who joined the family business in 2016. Kerstin, completed her qualification to become a watchmaker in 1979 after 3 years of studies. She went on to achieve her Masters qualification in her craft in 1983. In 1985, Wolfgang and Kerstin opened their shop to business in the small east German town of Burgstaedt. Kerstin, with her love for the intricate parts of time measurement, specializes in the repair and servicing of watches. Wolfgang completed his qualification in 1987, after which he joined his wife at their shop in Burgstaedt. Wolfgang is responsible for the bigger clocks and their movements. In 1999, both of them took the step to emigrate to Margate, South Africa, where they first took up their trade again, working from home and in 2003 opened their business in the Margate CBD. In 2005 they decided to expand and have since been practicing their trade at the South Coast mall in Shelly Beach. In 2006, their son Deni decided to join the family business and learn the trade and has been an important member of the business ever since. He, together with his father is responsible for the repair of the larger clocks and offer the service to collect clocks from the homes of our customers to be repaired.

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