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The repair of watches and clocks is not as simple as changing batteries, watch straps or glasses. This age old profession requires an intricate knowledge of the moving parts of a clock or watch and the basic training to become a qualified watchmaker takes a minimum of 3 years which includes both theoretical as well as intensive practical training.

Practical Level

Without a theoretical background it is difficult to succeed at practical level which begins with filing, drilling, polishing, sawing, cutting/sharpening to lay the foundation for actual watch and clock repairs. These skills are practiced intensively to the utmost perfection. Servicing a clock or watch involves taking the entire movement into pieces and inspecting every single piece for possible damage. Parts then need to be cleaned as well as repaired or replaced. Untrained individuals often try to clean movements in whole in benzine which is not sufficient enough to effectively service a movement. The oil that is then put inside the movement together with the dirt acts like sandpaper which can lead to disastrous consequences for the movement. Once all parts of the movement have been repaired and cleaned the work doesn’t stop there. From here all parts of the movement must be placed into their exact designated position after which they are adjusted so that they can keep time as correctly a s possible.

Qualified Watchmakers

Movements vary and a qualified watchmakers needs the theoretical knowledge to understand the various jobs he will have to work on. The most important thing is that the customer wants to enjoy his/her watch for longer than just a few months. The repair of time keeping movements especially those of watches requires fine hand control and a good eye as many of the parts are tiny and intricate and require an eye piece to be able to be seen. Watchmaking is not a simple craft and requires years of professional training so make sure you put your time piece into the hands of a professional watchmaker.