What is a Weather Station?

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A device that collects data related to weather and environment using one or many different sensors is called Weather Station. The Weather Stations has different names like Weather Centers, Home Weather Stations, Forecaster and Weather Forecaster.

Weather Stations are consists of a Display Unit (A digital Coloured LCD in our case) and one or many sensors. Sensors collect data like temperature, rain, wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure etc. and show on display screen. Some Best Wireless Weather Stations can even connect to computer or mobile(via app).

Types Of Sensors

Thermometer: A thermometer measures temperature.

Hygrometer: The hygrometer measures relative humidity, which is the quantity or percentage of water vapour (water in gas form) in the air.

Barometer: Measures the atmospheric pressure.

Anemometer: The Anemometer measures how fast the wind is blowing or wind speed.

Wind Vane: It is also called weather vane. It determines which direction the wind is blowing.

Rain Gauge: A rain gauge measures rainfall or liquid precipitation.


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