Ten Things You Need to Know About Franz Hermle Clocks

Nothing describes the gift of a timeless clock better than the following quote by Baltasar Gracian: “All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.”


With advancements in technology, the swing of a pendulum is lost to many. Nowadays, clocks are digital and getting smaller and smaller; with wearable technology, many can even be worn as a ring. But, for the more cultured of us, the charm and appeal of a high-end clock is still a timeless tradition.


Who can resist the beauty of polished wood and the charisma of chimes? Definitely not you!


Whether you’re familiar with Franz Hermle clocks or not, you’ll find how they came into existence intriguing. Below, we’re going to look at six things you need to know about Franz Hermle Clocks; then you can see if you’re able to stop yourself from shopping for one.


10 Things you Need to Know About Franz Hermle Clocks


  1. Franz Hermle is the world’s oldest and most prestigious clock manufacturer, making the company a 20th century success story.


  1. The company was the materialization of the dream of one clockmaker – Franz Hermle. Mr. Hermle had a desire to build quality clocks. He started the Franz Hermle Clock company in 1922, after Germany began recovering from World War I.


  1. Amazingly, when the world economy was on the edge of the Great Depression and American clock makers were struggling to avoid bankruptcy, the new German clock manufacturer prospered—mostly because of his attention to detail and craftsmanship.


  1. By the 1930’s, Franz’ dream came to fruition when his clock company became a world leader in the manufacture of quality clock movements. His secret: while his competition used 19th century methods to build their clocks, he had a flare for efficiency and used the latest modern techniques for producing clock movements.


  1. Known world-wide, Franz Hermle Clocks is famous for a range of modern clock types, including mantel and tabletop clocks, contemporary floor clocks, modern design regulators and wall clocks. Many of them are even the focal point of countless luxury resorts and hotels.


  1. Hermle clocks and other products are exported to over 100 countries in the world.


  1. With facilities in Germany as well as the United States, the company employs more than 500 designers, technicians, and craftsmen.


  1. In addition to leading the way in clock manufacturing, Franz Hermle’s company, now called Franz Hermle and Sohn, is a leading supplier of clock pendulums and dials. Many mechanical clocks available today are fitted with a “HERMLE” movement.


  1. Extensive steps are taken to ensure rigid quality control standards are maintained with respect to the finish of each pivot on the clock arbor.


  1. The company has invested heavily in improved processes to finish the pivots on the train wheels, and all nickel plating is removed from the pivots and polished.


With these 10 things you need to know about Franz Hermle clocks on hand, you’re now ready to grace your home with the beauty, traditions, and practicality of a Franz Hermle clock!


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