Please Note: The movement will not chime the quarters when the time is being set, only the hourly chimes. The quarters will start when the clock is done being set and about 90 minutes after being left alone to chime on its own.

  1. Push the HOUR hand onto the post at the 6 o’clock position.
  2. Place MINUTE hand on 12 o’clock and tighten minute hand nut.
  3. Press SECOND hand onto the shaft in 12 o’clock position (if you are using one). Your hands are now set to the CHIME of the motor.
  4. Using the hand setter, located on the upper right side of the movement, turn the hands clockwise to the correct time of day.
  5. Insert one C-cell battery. The motor will be running and set for the correct chime and time of day.
  6. To listen to 24 hour chime and strike, place the AM / PM switch in the LEFT position, for night-time silence (between hours of 11:00PM and 5:45AM) place the AM / PM switch in the RIGHT position.
  7. The song switch on the left side of the movement is to select Westminster or Whittington. It is denoted with a 1 or 2. Slide the switch to whatever song you want the clock to chime.
  8. Now the clock is properly set up



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Making it chime on time

First we need to know, the clock chime is correct no matter what it says the chime is, its right. We only need to have the hands point to where the clock thinks it is, or where its chiming in other words. And then set the clock to time.

So to point the hands to where the clock chimed we need to remove the hands, and put them back on the clock where the clock chimed. In other words if it chimed out that its 3 oclock, put the hour hand to the three and the minute hand to the 12.

IF the clock minute hand will not point exactly to the 12, do this. Find the circle spinning setting knob on the back of the movement and hold this still with your fingers so it will not move. At the same time you stop this from moving, point the minute hand to the 12 where it was supposed to point to when it chimed. Let go of both and it will be correct from then on forth.


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