4761/8 Cuckoo Clock WOOD CHOPPER

This beautiful 8-day mechanical chalet cuckoo clock is crafted by the ‘Engstler’ cuckoo clock company who is a renowned Black Forest cuckoo clockmaker in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

Size 34cm x 28cm x 18cm

Made out of Wood



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Cuckoo Clock Chalet – 4761/8


Like many cuckoo clocks from Germany, the chalet-style is based on the ‘Black Forest chalet’. These types of traditional houses were common to the Black Forest region in Germany and traditionally built of wood and stone. This makes them a favourite theme for many cuckoo clock makers, who adorn them with wooden hand-painted decorations such as pine trees, cheerful animals, log piles, mill-wheels and other delightfully iconic ornaments and characters of the region.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail on this decorative chalet cuckoo clock is certain to impress. It is perfectly suited to any room or space with natural wood features or ‘down-to-earth’ décor and would make for a unique and unforgettable gift for yourself or a loved one, with its daily cuckoo chime – a friendly reminder of the beauty of the natural world, of clear sparkling brooks, of pine.


  • 8-day movement (which means it needs to be wound manually once every eight days – see below for details).
  • Cuckoo bird which moves out from behind its door and chimes with a ‘cuckoo’ sound on the hour.
  • Moving wood-chopper.
  • Moving pendulum that sways side-to-side.
  • Manual ‘sound-off’ lever to switch off the sound at any time.

8-day Movement

This clock is powered by 8-day-movement meaning approximately every eight days the clock needs to be manually wound. The act of winding the cuckoo clock is very easy and only requires someone to gently pull on the chains so that the weights are drawn back to their utmost position. Gravity does the rest and ensures the clock can be kept perfectly on time as the weight lowers and slowly pulls the chain back through the clock-work mechanism.

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