How to Place a Wall Clock in Your Living Room

So, you’ve decided that a wall clock is the next item on your living room decor list.

Congratulations, you’ve made an excellent choice! Wall clocks are a timeless decorative tool that can work well in any living room style.

Whether you’re still picking out a clock or have one ready to hang, follow this quick guide to placing a wall clock in your living.

How To Pick A Wall Clock

As I mentioned earlier, wall clocks come in a wide variety of styles.

Regardless of your living room’s vibe, there’s sure to be an option that fits.

Don’t feel pressed for time if you haven’t decided on a clock yet.

Here are a few different options to help you visualize a clock in your home.

How High to Hang a Wall Clock

When it comes to how high you should hang a wall clock, there are two things you should consider.

The first is the vertical placement on the wall.

Clocks work best at two height options, either between eye and chest level or above eye level.

If you’re going for a high clock, it should be higher than the tallest obstruction in the room. 

Think over a doorway, window, or mantel.


The second is the size of the clock.

If you have an oversized clock, especially one with hanging pendulums, above eye level is the place to be.

This helps balance the room’s visual weight and keeps your clock from dominating the rest of your decor.

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