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For many decades, watches have been a must-have accessory for a stylish person. A variety of styles allows everyone to wear them, from schoolchildren to businessmen. Of course, different types of watches have been created for different categories of people with different occupations and social statuses. 

Therefore, to correctly assess for yourself and purchase exactly the accessory that suits you and your style of clothing (and wallet), you need to spend a lot of time in specialized stores or shopping sites. And you can remember a few simple rules regarding “watch” etiquette and use them when it’s time for you to buy. First, we will go over what type of watch suits you and then go over how to buy a watch as a gift.

First of all, you need to pick up the watch according to your wrist size. Otherwise, the most expensive Breguet will look ridiculous if it is not your size. Classic watch models are made in such a way that their “washer” should not protrude beyond the wrist. However, since deliberately bulky watches are en vogue, this rule only applies to those who adhere to the official style in clothes and accessories. 

When choosing a model, be sure to try it on. The watch should turn tightly on the wrist; in other cases, they are too small or large for you. When choosing a timepiece, decide what you need it for. By category, watches are divided into everyday (universal version), sports, representative (costly models of well-known Swiss companies), and suits (for men working in the office). 

Choose a model that suits your occupation, because a manager in a sports watch will look strange, just like a football player in a suit. But people of creative professions can afford any option, including stylization for children’s watches. If you are pairing a watch with a suit, remember that the strap looks good when matching the color of your trouser belt and boots. 

Ideally, it is advisable to buy several straps (black, gray, brown) and change them depending on the clothes. If your style is sporty, buy a watch with a rubber strap. For a woman, a watch is an addition to a handbag and should complement the color or style. For example, if a woman’s handbag is lacquered, choose a watch with a shiny strap.


Watches are always a good gift, especially if the gift is intended for a man. In general, when it comes to men, they do not wear many accessories when compared to women, but watches are one of the major categories. Many men almost never wear jewelry. Therefore wristwatches are often the only men’s “trinket” that determines the status and presence of good taste. With that being said, it is difficult to choose a watch as a gift for a man. To make the right choice, read our tips below.


A good watch can be chosen as a gift for a young man at the end of school. Wristwatches are an excellent gift option for receiving a diploma in higher education. You can buy a watch and order an engraving for your partner’s wedding anniversary.

Of course, a watch is suitable as a gift for a man on his birthday and during Christmas. You can also give wristwatches for a wedding, but it should be a couple’s gift: that is, you need to buy men’s and women’s watches for the bride and groom (the watches should be at least something similar – in design or color) or give the groom a watch, and the bride – jewelry.


Wrist watch for men as a gift: type of mechanism. This issue is often the most difficult, especially for those not experienced in timepieces. In general, there is the opinion that the best option is a quartz watch. They withstand higher loads, do not lose accuracy for a long time, and do not require special maintenance.

Mechanical watches need to be handled with care and require special maintenance from time to time. But the mechanism of a quartz watch is subject to aging, and it is not always possible to restore it. But you can replace it if you find the necessary parts, which are new expenses. Mechanical watches can last for multiple lifetimes.

If you choose a casual watch for a man, it is better to decide on a mechanical one. The watch will not experience special loads in everyday wear. If this is a watch for tourism, fishing, and sports, then, of course, you need to choose a quartz watch.

If you want your watch to serve the recipient of the gift as long as possible, give preference to mechanical ones – they can always be repaired. If a man is a watch collector, then most likely, he will be more pleased with a mechanical watch.

Electronic watches can also be given as a gift, but these are usually watches for leisure and sports. Accordingly, the choice in the direction of such watches should be made, considering the lifestyle of the person to whom the gift is intended. If a man does not go in for sports and is not fond of active tourism, and his clothing style is strictly classic, then choosing an electronic watch as a gift for him may be a mistake. In general, electronic watches are preferred by young people.

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