Five Types of Cuckoo Clocks – Which one do you like?


 Chalet Cuckoo Clock Info

Chalet cuckoo clocks always have a typical Black Forest house. Some houses are smaller, some are larger, it mostly depends on the size of the clock.

The signature cuckoo is housed at the top of the clock under the roof of the house. An incredible amount of detail is put into designing the Chalet houses, which typically include elements like balconies or shutters.


Around the house, a scene is usually depicted, normally that of a garden with animals and trees. Some clocks contain moving figurines which, in this case, are usually doing something from normal life, such as chopping wood. Turning windmills may also be seen.

Finally, another common moving element found in Chalet clocks are revelers who drink their beer and raise their glasses every hour.

There are a variety of Chalet cuckoo clocks for sale, ranging from more simple clocks to intricately designed ones with numerous figurines, moving elements, and music.


Carved Cuckoo Clock Info

If you are looking for a classic cuckoo clock, you will want to view our selection of Carved clocks. These are the classic Black Forest clocks that came to be known around the world. These clocks feature all hand-carved details and figurines, mostly carved from Linden wood which is found locally in the Black Forest.

Popular scenes from nature or hunting are typically depicted in Carved clocks. Intricate leaves wrap around the clock, of course leaving space at the top for the signature cuckoo bird.

Numerous other birds, such as owls, may be seen on Carved clocks as well. For hunting scenes, expect to see deer and stags with impressive antlers, again, all intricately carved by hand.

There are numerous Carved clocks for sale in a variety of sizes.

Whether you are searching for a large clock with numerous carvings, or are looking for a smaller clock that is equally impressive, you will find something here at the Cuckoo Forest that you will fall in love with.


Shield Cuckoo Clock Info

Before Black Forest cuckoo clocks became the most popular clocks to come from the region, it was the lacquered Shield clocks that were the most popular. The simple design features a basic square frame with a semicircle arch on it. Some feature a cuckoo bird, while others do not.

Shield clocks have been produced in the Black Forest for a long time now, with a rich history and tradition surrounding them and their beauty.

These clocks are always intricately hand-painted and are hard to come by, even in the Black Forest.

The skill involved with painting these clocks is so advanced that not all clockmakers in the region produce these clocks.

In the present day, these clocks are still hand painted by artists from the Black Forest.

During a brief time in the 1800s when demand was incredibly high for these clocks, instead of hand painting them clockmakers would use decals in order to produce the clocks quicker.


..that is not how they are created today.

You will typically find a beautiful floral designed painted on a Shield clock, which is designed to last for years to come thanks to the base coat that is used to preserve the painting.


Antique Cuckoo Clock Info

At the Cuckoo Forest we have a selection of cuckoo clocks for sale that specifically follows the designs of cuckoo clocks of old. If you are looking for a truly antique looking clock, this is the section to browse through.

Old style Black Forest clocks with glass domes, for example, were highly popular during the nineteenth century.

Should you desire this antique style, you can purchase a replica today that is still of the highest quality.

In addition,

you will find a selection of Bahnhäusle clocks, which are cuckoo clocks that contain houses of railway signalmen. These clocks were initially very popular during the mid-1800s. It is from this clock style that the widely known carved cuckoo clocks came from, making them highly significant to the history and tradition of the Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our selection of antique cuckoo clocks.

These clocks give you the opportunity to purchase a true piece of history, rich with tradition dating back centuries.

While these clocks that are for sale are replicas, they are of the highest quality and contain the same details that you would find with actual antique clocks from back in time.


Modern Art Cuckoo Clock Info

Should you desire a clock that contains elements of tradition mixed with a more modern style, you will love browsing our selection of Modern Art clocks.

These clocks combine the Black Forest traditions of clock making with modern art and design.

Clean lines and bold colors are the hallmarks of modern cuckoo clocks. A style that is both bold and minimalistic, these clocks are truly unique and represent the future of the cuckoo clock.


…traditional elements are still included, such as the cuckoo call and cuckoo bird, which keep these clocks connected to their Black Forest history.


…unique shaped birds or different positions for the birdhouse keep these clocks modern. Different materials may also be used in place of the traditional Linden wood, such as bamboo.



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