5 Reasons to Gift a Watch this Christmas

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, thinking of gifts for everyone can become quite overwhelming. Some people seem to have everything and others are simply hard to buy for. If you have found yourself in this position this festive season, it might be worth considering the gift of a watch. We have put together a list of 5 reasons to gift a watch this Christmas alongside some suggestions to show how a watch could make the perfect Christmas gift this year.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Gift a Watch this Christmas

1. Watches are a very thoughtful gift.

Watches are a very personal item that are very telling of a persons unique tastes. This may put some people off of buying a watch for someone else. However, being able to choose the perfect watch for a loved one shows just how well you know them and their style. A carefully selected watch is sure to impress this Christmas. A watch is an accessory that will be worn everyday, so your loved one will be glancing at the gift you gave them throughout the day. Timepieces have long been considered a truly special and timeless gift, especially at Christmas time.

This Seiko watch has a very classic appearance that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and styles. The white dial of this watch is reminiscent of a ‘Karesansui’, or zen garden. In these gardens, the grave is raked into serene patterns like waves. The red details of this watch are included to represent the red acer trees that are often found in Japanese horticulture.

The pale dial is decorated with Roman numeral indices, with the number twelve in red. Additionally, grey hour and minute hands and a red second hand are set at the centre of the dial. A stainless steel case frames the dial and houses an automatic movement that provides the watch with a power reserve of up to 41 hours. This watch is secured on the wrist using a classic brown synthetic leather strap. This strap ensures that the watch will perfectly complement any outfit for any occasion.

2. Watches can be worn for any occasion.

A good watch can be relied upon for any occasion. A timeless timepiece can be paired with any outfit and any accessories to create an elegant and modern look. For this reason, a watch will make a fantastic Christmas gift. A watch with a classic sense of style will see plenty of wear and will be suitable for both the office and weekend events. The elegance of a watch will provide a sleek addition to any outfit, boosting the wearer’s confidence.


3. Watches can be affordable gifts.

Although many watches have a rather high price tag, and the definition of affordable varies for many, some high quality watches are very affordable. A great watch does not necessarily need to be expensive. Many modern watch brands build their watches with the same high quality materials and movements as luxury brands. However, some brands ensure that their watches are accessible to more people. Horological style does not need to come at a high price. Watches are a great gift this Christmas, no matter the budget.

4. They can be a symbol of luxury.

Affordable watches are fantastic for many reasons. They offer quality at a lower price point and can be won everyday without fear of damage. However, sometimes a truly luxurious timepiece will make the perfect Christmas gift. Luxury watches feel incredibly special and will be a true joy to wear. Many watch collectors will notice a luxury watch from a mere glance as the brands that create them each have a totally unique sense of style. A luxury watch will make a great Christmas gift, especially for a special occasion.

5. Watches are a very traditional gift.

Watches have been considered a beautiful gift for centuries. This makes them a very traditional present. Traditionally, watches are gifted to people on the occasion of a significant birthday. However, they also make beautiful Christmas gifts. The classic style of a watch will never go out of fashion, so they are a gift that will be appreciated and worn for decades to come.


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