10 Sentences About Clock in English For Students

10 Lines on Clock

  1. Clock is a device that helps us in knowing the time.
  2. It is a very important device, as without a clock we cannot get to know the exact time.
  3. In the old time’s sundials and water clocks were used to know the time.
  4. These originated in ancient Egypt.
  5. Nowadays there are different types of clocks available in the market.
  6. A modern clock has three hands, one hand shows hours, the other one shows minutes, and the third-hand shows seconds.
  7. The fastest hand is the second hand and the hour one is the slowest.
  8. These days we have digital clocks as well that displays the time digitally.
  9. A clock helps us in keeping a check on the time which helps us in maintaining our routine.
  10. Nowadays we cannot even imagine a day without a clock.

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