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Have you been gifted a key when you were on your 21st birthday? Did you scratch your head and wonder what it’s for?

Gifting keys to those who turn 21 is an age-old tradition that’s practiced around the world! It signifies that the recipient is now a legal adult and has matured enough to be a “keyholder” of their home.

21 is the legal age in many countries, and once you’ve reached it, you’re considered legally responsible for your own actions, and have the right to own property, vote, and drive! While the age of majority is now lowered in many places to 18, the importance of a 21st birthday is that it symbolizes you as a “senior member” of the family.


If you have been invited to someone’s 21st birthday bash, why not gift them a key?


Don’t know what to choose? Let us help you with our handpicked suggestions below.

Well-wishes through symbolism are a sure way to catch someone’s attention and leave them with a good impression of you. This Gold 21st Key Pendant has a unique design with a crown on top of the key, a reminder to the recipient that they are now equivalent to the ruler of their lives with responsibilities to themselves and others, as well as being an adult not only in the eyes of the law but their family too.

The crown also symbolizes wealth, achievement, and courage, traits that are admired by many, and by gifting this key pendant, you also wish that the recipient will embody them in the future.

If you or the recipient and their family are more towards traditionalism, then our Gold 21st Clover Heart Key Pendant can bring a smile to their faces! Drawing on the established meaning of the key as a bringer of good luck, it is believed that having a key pendant will allow the wearer to easily overcome obstacles and attract wealth.


For an extra touch of luck, there’s a four-leaf clover on top of the pendant, a popular symbol of luck that we think is best suited for those who are starting a brand new journey in their life, such as taking a step into adulthood! 

Want to be no-frills and straight to the point? There’s nothing more suitable than the Gold 21st Key to Success Pendant! A minimalist take on this age-old tradition with an intricate design that can only be seen by those who are observant. A closer look at this subtle key pendant will yield ornate lines meticulously carved into it, giving it a sense of antiquity and luxury, exuded by the masterful workmanship.


Credited to: https://www.merlingoldsmith.com/

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