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Top 10 Critical Factors to Decide Which Watch Brand to Buy

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Watches are not only convenient and efficient for knowing what the time is. Watches have evolved into something that is beyond just telling time. Various brands of watches are often used as status symbols, inheritances passed down from one generation to another, costly projections of our identity, and glamorous accessories to compliment your outfit. However, what factors should you consider when deciding on a Watch brand to buy to achieve these benefits, especially with various choices and brands of wristwatches available?


Style of Watch Brand

There are various watch brands of different sizes and shapes. A watch brand should look attractive on your hand or wrist. A watch brand can fit into any of these styles:

  • Luxury
  • Vintage
  • Sport
  • Casual

The style of watch brand you should decide on should depend on where, when, and how you plan to wear your wristwatch.

Are you planning to wear it to high-class business events? A watch of a luxury brand like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jacquet Droz, or Omega will be suitable. However, if you only want a regular watch brand that suits various business and personal settings, a vintage or casual watch brand should be okay. Lastly, if you are an athlete, a sports brand may have all the features you might want.

Type of Watch (Digital or Analog)

A digital watch has a large number displayed across the watch screen, while an analog watch looks quite old-fashioned with a clock hand(s) and digits or roman numerals notations on the watch faces. Most sports brands of watches have a digital interface and several simple features to read and can be pretty challenging to use. Casual or luxury watches brands have analog clock faces.


Features of the Watch

Consider the purpose of the watch. This also has a connection with the type and style of the watch. Most sport watches brands have timers, stopwatches, and fitness features. Or maybe you are looking for more features like GPS, multiple alarms, or a speed calculator. However, if you intend to buy a wristwatch for camping, you might not need too many features.


The Material

Various watch brands commonly use the following materials (for the case and band):

  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Silver
  • Canvas
  • Leather (only for the wrist band)
  • Plastic

Watch brands made of plastic and canvas materials may be cheaper. Nevertheless, they are generally helpful outdoors and more durable. Watch brands made of metal materials like gold, titanium, and silver are more expensive and attractive. For brands of watches with a leather band, leather is lightweight and gives the watch a traditional appearance and style, but leather is slightly durable.


Water Resistant

Water Resistant indicates how a wristwatch is sealed to prevent water entry. It is a mark that is commonly stamped behind a wristwatch. It is mainly followed by a proof of static pressure test that a specimen of the newly produced watches was subjected to during a leak test.

A Water-Resistant indication in a watch helps ease your worry when water may splash on it, such as when washing your hands or caught under the rain. Nevertheless, sports watches of several brands are suitable for recreational sailing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, swimming, water sports, professional marine activities, bathing, fishing, showering, or splash-proof; these watches have various water resistance ratings and classifications).

Type of Watch Brand

The brand of watch matters, especially if you are purchasing a wristwatch to show off at work or an event. An affordable Rolex has a better brand appeal and attraction than a high-end Timex watch. Watch brands like Omega, Patek Philippe, Seiko, or Rolex have significant brand recognition and reputation.

Dial Shape and Size

There are different sizes and shapes of dials. Also called the face, a dial is part of a watch showing the time. It is recommended that you choose the dial size and shape that fits your wrist. Where your wrists are small and thin, you should select a dial that has a small diameter and height. However, choose a more big dial or face and height if your wrist is thick.

Wardrobe Considerations

Gold watches generally look appealing with dark, natural colors such as grey, green, and brown, especially during the daytime. Titanium and silver brands of watches fit well with blue, black, and grey clothes and look attractive at night.


Source of Power

There are four sources of power for the most common brand of watches:

  • Mechanical: Powered through a spring mechanism where you are expected to wind the outer mainspring barrel once daily.
  • Quartz: This contains a battery that must be replaced once every two years.
  • Automatic: This type of watch depends on the movements of your wrist to function.
  • Solar: These watches are powered by the sun.

Weight of Watch

Decide on a watch that is comfortable and convenient on your wrist. For example, consider a watch brand with a leather band or strap instead of a metallic band if you prefer a lighter watch, as some watches can feel much like a wedge on your wrist when worn.

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