The History of Luxury Pocket Watches

It was Peter Henlein who first invented the pocket watch in Nuremberg, Germany. The very first watch was worn by the philosopher, Blaise Pascal. He simply attached some string to his pocket watch, and, Walla, the first pocket watch was produced. Although this was the very first portable watch, it wasn’t the very first watch.

Whether it’s the cars we drive or even the watches we put on, they were all inspired by a dream.  So next time, you buy a luxury watch, realize that the building blocks was built with a guy in Germany who required his clock with him wherever he went. He was the talk of the town with his new portable watch and never late for an appointment. So why is it so important that you are aware of the background of watches generally? There are so many watches available to select from it may be really perplexing. Determine what suits your requirements.

Pockets watches are popular again.

Pocket watches can be tracked to 16th century and have gone through significant amount of changes since then making the pocket watches more elegant, stylish and classy.

Early vintage models were possessed only by the wealthy and affluent people of the 16th century. It reflected the real status and represented wealth. Diamonds and precious gemstones were built within the pocket watches providing the most luxurious look. Later, pocket watches lost their prestige. However, within a brief period, the glory and fame of the pocket watches have came back in fashion thanks to Heuer, IWC, Minerva, etc. The standard, craftsmanship, sturdiness, etc was refined.

Again in the early twentieth century, pocket watches gradually dropped in importance. The growing development of luxury of timepieces faded the recognition of pocket watches. But now, the style statement and trend of the ancient period has become the new trend, which enabled these watches to create an effective comeback.

Today, these watches can be found in different models and designs, with antique watches having greater preference. Furthermore, they’re also considered fine gifts. However, the look and models aren’t restricted to antique designs and there’s an abundance of expertise.

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