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The 8 Best Wall Clock Designs

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Whilst we aren’t at a loss for ways to tell the time in the digital age, the wall clock is far from a redundant home accessory. A unique wall clock can add both functionality and style to the home. Whether you’re keen to keep an eager eye on the time or just looking for a way to spruce up your interiors, the clock is a homeware hero. 

And as most of us become more adapted to the WFH set-up, a unique wall clock is also perfect for making home offices feel more professional. While you may not be counting down the hours until clocking off right now, it’s still a great way to dress up your walls. So, to help you choose the right clock to complement your space, here’s a handful of our favourite designs. 


Pik Wall Clock

By Ligne Roset

Elegant yet minimalist, the Pik Wall Clock will lend a sophisticated finishing touch to your space. An innovative Ligne Roset design, it plays with the harmony of largeness and lightness to create a functional piece. Crafted with a polished chrome face and lacquered walnut hands, it complements understated interiors particularly well.

Popsicle Clock

By George Nelson for Vitra

Resembling its namesake (the popsicle stick), the Popsicle’s diverse shape makes it a truly unique piece. Crafted from a structure of flat walnut rods, its playful yet uniformed design creates a true centrepiece and defining focal point. And as it’s designed as part of George Nelson’s iconic clock collection, it’s rich in both history and aesthetics.

Double Rings Wall Clock

By Nomon

Unlike the traditional clock, the Double Rings features no face. Instead, it’s constructed of two thin fibreglass frames that work to create unique shadows and silhouettes. This lightweight design epitomises Nomon’s modern approach. Combining minimalism with opulent materials, the rounded structure provides a stylish focal point.

Eye Wall Clock

By George Nelson for Vitra

The Eye’s playful silhouette offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional clock. This unique piece is crafted using solid metal elements framed around a smoothly carved wooden beam to create the illusion of an abstract eye shape. An original George Nelson design, its playful, mid-century style makes it a striking statement in any space.

Eslabon Gold & Black Marble Clock

By Nomon

This beautiful avant-garde pendant clock is perfect for decorating the walls of any modern living space. Inspired by jewellery design, the curved metal handles hold the clock face and give it a subtle lightness. Crafted in gold and black marble, the Eslabon is a subtle yet striking piece that’s just as much about aesthetics as it is practicality.

Pluto Starburst Gold Wall Clock

By Newgate

The Pluto Starburst captures the energy of mid-century modernism to bring a burst of nostalgic style to your home. One of Newgate’s best-selling clocks, its geometric wooden construction echoes classic 1950s designs. Finished with a vintage-style spun brass-effect dial at its centre, it lights up the room with its bright golden tone.

Box Office Wall Clock

By Newgate

Mimicking mid-century design attributes, the Box Office is a stylish and practical addition to the home. This ultra-chic clock features a spun brass face and a retro screen-printed dial with multi-coloured hour markers for an eccentric contrast. Crafted with a convenient silent-sweep movement, it offers a quiet experience that’s perfect for home offices.

Polygon Wall Clock

By George Nelson for Vitra

Mid-century design meets elegant craftsmanship in the Polygon. An original George Nelson piece, its sharp silhouette offers a unique take on the classic clock. Crafted from lacquered walnut and aluminium, it carves out geometric forms to create a striking structure. Overall, it’s a refreshing alternative to the classic wall clock.

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