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My clock chimes the wrong hour! HELP!

Do you have a clock that is striking the wrong amount of times each hour? It’s an easy fix you can do on your own, so don’t fret! Here’s what you do:

When it strikes on the hour, grasp the HOUR HANDS ONLY and rotate the hand forward or backwards so it lines up with the correct hour that the clock chimed for. Moving the hour hand will not harm the clock. Next, set the clock to the correct time by moving ONLY THE MINUTE HAND in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION until it points at the current time. Make sure to pause every time the clock chimes, and let the chime process complete itself, or else you risk confusing the clock and messing up the chimes again. Don’t move the hands while the clock is striking. 

Note: If your clock is brand new and striking incorrectly, wait a few hours before you do this. New clocks usually have an auto-adjust feature that will correct the chimes after a few hours of running.


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