Importance of Wrist Watch and its Benefits in everyday lives

Wrist watches are essential devices that are important to us on a daily basis. If so, what is the importance of wrist watch and its benefits to us in our everyday lives? Not only will I be giving more tips into the uses, but also be talking about the advantage of wrist watch; even as an investment.

As you know, certain things are important to us on a daily basis; these things are those we ingest into our body (food) or those we wear on our body (clothes, watches and shoes).


Although, some people may say otherwise; but in this article, I will share with you the importance of wrist watch and its benefits in our daily lives. So, whether you are looking to buy a wrist watch as a gift for someone special ; or for personal use, this post will guide you through the main benefits of wrist watches.

Wait a minute,

Have you ever asked yourself the question of who invented wrist watch?

History made it clear to us that the first wristwatch was made in 1868 by Swiss watch manufacturer called Patek Philippe.

Furthermore, this first timepiece was made for a lady called Countess Koscowicz of Hungary; as a piece of decorative (fashion) jewellery for use on the wrist as a timekeeping device.

Before diving into the reasons why this timepiece device is important in our daily lives, let me inform you that this article will also look into the following.

  • What is the use of a wrist watch?
  • Why should you wear a wrist watch?
  • What are the types of watches? and
  • Advantage of wrist watches over a smartphone.

Without too much ado, here are the significance of wrist watches to us.

Importance of Wrist Watch in our Everyday Lives

1. Keeping track of time

When you need to keep track of the day (or night), wrist watch is best suited for that. In other words, it allows you to be updated with time. Additionally, it helps to know how many hours are in a day.

By building a relationship with time, you are creating an invaluable quality for yourself.

Let us be honest with ourselves, sometime we do forget how much time we have to complete a task. As part of the importance of a watch, the timepiece act as a constant reminder for us on the task. Although it may be a reminder that we do not want at that particular time; but the timepiece device still act as an important tool.

Strangely, other devices like mobile phones and some electronics now display time to us; but that piece of device is the the most important one when it come to keeping track of time.

So, my question to you is this, how important is it for you to track your time?

If it is, I will advice you to buy watch from the best watch shop near you or online from a reputable seller.

As a matter of fact, watch is actually that timepiece which allows us to be updated with the time; day or night.

2. Portable Piece of Fashion Accessory

In continuation of our quest on the importance of wrist watch and its benefits, we’ll be talking about ways in which watches and fashion goes hand-in-hand. For this reason, I have for you the significance of fashion and watches in our everyday lives.

Be that as it may, wrist watches and fashion are intertwined together. In fact, no jewellery  wardrobe is complete without a watch; also, good dressing is not complete without a good wrist watch to go with it.

Fashion watches are associated with lifestyle, and many of the leading watch companies like Diesel, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani and others have positioned themselves to appeal to certain segments of the consumer market.

These consumers are the reasons why most of these manufacturers are still in business. For them to be on top of their game, they need to always come out with trendy watches as the market demands.

For example, in this day and age, big faces and chunky straps watches are trending. In fact, most of the popular celebrities are also wearing them to complement their dressing. Because of that, on its own, this timepiece device is proving to be an important fashion accessory on a daily basis.

3. Monitoring Device

How is wrist watch important as a monitoring device?

With the advancement in technology, the importance of wrist watch is growing by the day. Some watches have some special features to monitor the heart rate while others, specially used by sport men and women have built In fitness tracker notification, these watches are called smartwatches.

As a matter of fact, some of these monitoring sport watches are well equipped for taking reliable resting heart rate by readings throughout the day. And with the addition of an Electrocardiogram (ECG), some of them tap into heart rate readings to detect any serious heart issues.

When you need to keep track of something as important as time – a unique device to measure and manage it is justified. For this reason, let us look at a watch, that is significantly good as a monitoring device for sport men and women.

4. Social Class and Status

At the present time, a watch is an ornament to show status and social class in the society. To many, wearing designer wrist watch shoes their personality; therefore, they attach so much importance to the type, make and brand of there wrist watch.

Through a wristwatch, Identity and Class can be expressed. As it was in the time of its invention, watches have been a status symbol, and at this present time, it is still status symbol.

Generally speaking, wrist watches has been transformed from an object of necessity into a luxury item.


If we talk about the status, the type and brand of you timepiece matters.

Think about this in a different way, as a sophisticated, high class lady will show her worth and status with her jewellery  so does a man of similar social class does. In other words, women have their jewellery  to show off their social class and men have their watches to do same.

So you don’t want just any cheap and inferior watch to tell you the time; you want something classy and luxurious watches to be in your collections.

You can buy affordable wrist watch for men online to boost your social class and status.

5. Sign of Quality

When you talk of a man with fashion oriented quality, you are talking about a man with good fashion perceptions on what he wears and the impact of those accessories on him; such as shoes, wristwatch, suit e.t.c.

Do you know that the importance of writs watch goes beyond dressing?

According to a study by JSTOR, wearing good watch is a sign of quality within you; as a matter of fact, men and women with quality accessories has Physical Attractiveness and Intellectual Competence within them.

When you dress well, you appear smarter, look more competent and you command respect.


Want to know how you can add a bit of extra touch and quality to your physical appearance?

Just by adding a subtle, classic fashion accessory like a watch improves your physical appearance. It also sends out a kind of perception of the quality you have within. That is one simple and very importance of wrist watch as a sign of quality.

In general, wearing a simple stylish watch commands instant attraction.

Here is the bottom line when it comes to fashion and the quality you radiate with your watch; not only does a watch make you instantly attractive, but also brings out the quality within you.

6. Watches are Investment

Obviously, you are wondering how the importance of wrist watch relates to 

 an investment…. Well, I will show you how they relate.

When you buy a watch, you are not buying to wear it once. At least, you buy to wear for today, or tomorrow, and even to use for the foreseeable future. On purchasing that wrist watch, you are directly or indirectly investing in yourself and your style.

One of the great advantage of wrist watch is that some luxury watches increases in value. That particular watch became the most expensive sold at auction and still holds world record for a wristwatch today.

Do you think that is a good investment on a wristwatch?


For the seller:

It’s a good investment. For the fact the he bought the item years ago for few dollars, held it in his watch collections for years; and later sold it for millions of dollars.

For the buyer:

Depending on the way you look at it, the buyer may have different ways to look at the importance of wrist watch (that particular item) to him. He may want to keep for use or sell later for another good return on investment (ROI). It all depend on his reason why he bought it.

7. Watches are functional and convenient

One of the great importance of wrist watch is its functionality and convenience; a key point in the uses of wrist watch.

If you have a good relationship with a timepiece, it will change your outlook on life; and the right watch can help you do that. It not only keeps you on track on most things but also lets you value the time you do have. In fact, it help you spend it right with the people you love, and understanding that value is something that will change your life.

Importance of wrist watch as it relates to its functionality

A big advantage of a watch over the likes of smartphone are its functionality. That is to say, watches are design to “fit for purpose”.

For example, a good watch is designed to work for years on a cell battery (or self powered itself with motion) with no charging of the battery; while smartphone will need to be charged at intervals as the battery within it get used up.

In reality, many wrist watches do more than what we know them to do. That is to say, telling you the precise time of the day or night. The do have various other features that make it for functional.

These feature includes:

  • Date and/or day (calendar);
  • Elapsed time measuring;
  • Sounding alarm when needed;
  • Leap year calculation; and
  • Many more.

The name given to those watches with variety of functions other than simple timekeeping is “complications”. What a funny name…… but I’m pretty sure there are reasons for that.

For this purpose of this piece of writing, I will only mention the two popular complications out there.

They are:

Chronograph – it allow a watch to function as a stopwatch (measure elapsed time); and

Moonphase – it displays the lunar phase.

Chronograph watch is a good wrist watch to have; it combines luxury and style in one.

Importance of wrist watch as it relates to conveniences

Points often overlooked when talking about importance of wrist watch is its conveniences. With the arrival of mobile phones, people thought the watch industry is dead.

Are these people right? Hell…..No.

8. Piece of Vintage (Antique) Jewellery

There are several vintage watches all around the world; some are worth millions of dollars while some are valued to be hundred of thousands.

Truly, vintage watches are something to be cherished; yes, collectors know the value associated to those timepiece. Most collectors are knowledgeable and could identify the value of vintage watches when they spot any.

The truth is, some named brands like Fossils and Diesel are now manufacturing some cool quality vintage related timepiece.

9. Increase Productivity

In business, there is a general belief that people who wear wristwatches are generally perceived as being more organized, reliable, and professional.


Each day, we all wear good timepiece manufactured by great designers on our wrist; without even considering the importance of wrist watch as related to everyday lives and activities.

As shown above, watches are portable timepieces, used to measure time and intervals; and at the same time, have different advantages.

Wearing a watch is as important as food when you relate it to fashion accessories. As a matter of fact, wrist watches are one of the best devices for daily human usage.


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