How learning to tell the time on clocks benefit your children

Since 2011 our range of learn to tell the time clocks have helped thousands of children to read the time. Here we explain why they make such effective learning tools for youngsters.

Child friendly

Learning to tell the time can be a difficult task for young children, often feeling more like work than play. To stop them from being discouraged, our learn to tell the time clocks are designed to offer an appealing and engaging approach for children.

EasyRead Time Teacher clocks are made with kids in mind, offering an interactive teaching aid that combines the attractive aesthetic qualities of a toy and the physical and responsive attributes of an everyday working clock.

Educational benefits

Being able to tell the time can help to develop base educational skills for youngsters particularly in relation to mathematics. The ability to ‘skip count’ (5,10,15, 20…) and familiarise with primary addition and multiplication are amongst the skills nurtured by the products in our range.

Our ‘learn to tell the time clocks’ have proven to be highly successful teaching aids, especially for children who are more responsive to visual learning.

Developing key skills

Learning to tell the time is an important rite of passage for young children, which helps the development of social and behavioral skills such as responsibility, time management and self-dependence.

Many parents find that when children have learned to read a clock they enjoy a greater awareness of the importance of passing time in their everyday lives, from having ‘two minutes to brush their teeth’ to understanding that tea will be ready in one hour!

A chance to bond and learn

Our learn to tell the time clocks offer parents a great opportunity to spend time with their children and share an activity that is both entertaining and highly beneficial to their development.

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