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History of egg timers By: Marcus Ford

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Egg timers then and now

Egg timers were used for preachers and kids and many important figures of Roman history and many others. But now we use them to know when our food is done or eggs are ready.

The beginning of Egg timers

Are you yolking me?!?!

Preachers used to use egg timer because the crowd around him wanted to know how much time they had and when they were going to eat. They also might be used to see how much time kids had in school.

Lets egg it on

The egg timer was invented in Medieval Europe, in the 14th century. Nobody really knows who invented the egg timer but i don’t think anybody really cares.It is used for important uses now and then. Maybe they had a time limit on building pyramids now we use it for seeing when our eggs our done, very interesting.

Egg timers are very important, most people in mental institutions, use them everyday for who knows what. Maybe you can ask your great grandparents or someone old and ask how it works, you might learn a lot. They come in many different sizes and colors and even other objects?!?!

Before the egg

Before they were called egg timers they came from hour glasses. Used of course for telling time in the 1300’s a young inventor named George Weigel came up with a way how to tell when their food was done.

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