Grandfather wall clock: for that extra touch of style

Decorating a home or an office is a demanding task. There are so many choices and styles to draw inspiration from. Getting lost among all the alternatives is simple, but don’t worry! We are here to come to your rescue. Today we will give you some advice on how to furnish your room by choosing the object that will give character to the whole: the grandfather wall clock.

The grandfather clock is an object that, in addition to having a not indifferent decorative purpose, also has a functional purpose: keeps you on time throughout the day. Of grandfather clocks there are various styles and models, let’s focus on those on the wall for now.

Grandfather wall clocks can represent that extra touch you were trying to give to a room. Why? Because they are versatile. You can play on contrasts between the style or material of the clock and the environment, create combinations with several different clocks to give a sense of greater coverage, choose a single clock and keep the rest of the wall completely empty to create a minimal effect. As we said, versatility is a feature well represented by this type of grandfather clocks. In any environment you decide to put them, they will never be out of place.

Going into more detail, let’s see which are the two main types of the most interesting grandfather wall clocks.


Modern grandfather wall clocks

If you want to impress your guests and convey the most whimsical traits of your personality, a modern model is the right choice for you. A perfect example is this unique wooden grandfather wall clock of its kind, with the mechanism entirely in view to allow to see and to understand how grandfather clocks work, an occasion that does not occur every day! The choice of a modern model is ideal for any type of environment and adaptable to any style.


Antique grandfather wall clocks

If instead you prefer to convey your love for tradition or the more decisive traits of your personality, it certainly makes a classic model for you. A wooden grandfather wall clock made entirely by hand, from the basic structure to its decorative elements, will give the environment where it will be added that touch of elegance and refinement that is always much appreciated and sought after. You can choose your own model from a large quantity of wood types and different colours, in order to make it perfectly homogeneous or totally in contrast with the style of the room.

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