Best Batteries for Your Battery-Operated Clock

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When choosing the proper batteries for your clock, please consider the following information. There are many brands of alkaline batteries available on the market today, but there are several brands out there that just don’t perform well in clocks. We recommend using Rayovac or Duracell brand batteries in your battery operated clock. Other brands, such as Energizer, have extra plastic coating on the negative end of the battery, which can cause clocks to malfunction or not work properly at all. We also recommend staying away from “off-brand” or other inexpensive “store brand” batteries, as sometimes these do not have enough power to run your device.

Batteries should be changed in your clock at least once per year. We recommend changing batteries at Daylight Savings Time, or annually when you change the battery in your smoke detector.

When batteries are left in a device for a long period of time (over 1 year) they have a much higher chance of leaking. When the batteries leak, this causes battery acid to leak onto the contacts in your clock movement or device. Once this has happened, the clock will not function properly and you may be forced to change the movement in the clock, which can be costly.

Alkaline batteries are the only type of battery that should be used in clocks. Lithium powered or re-chargeable batteries will cause your clock to malfunction, or not function at all. Lithium & re-chargeable batteries are meant for “high-drain” devices, such as digital cameras, etc. Alkaline batteries are best used in “low-drain” devices, which includes clock movements.

If you notice that your clock is not functioning properly, or not functioning at all, make sure to check your batteries! Very often we find that a simple battery change will solve the problem. If you replace your batteries and the clock still does not function, then it may be time to have the movement replaced. Our repair department is happy to look at your clock to see if the movement can be replaced. Be sure to give us a call ahead of time, and we can set up an appointment for you to bring your clock in to be serviced.


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