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5 Reasons an Employee Time Clock is a Must in Your Office

Many organizations use time clocks to monitor attendance, decrease time theft, and enhance accuracy. Keep a check on your employees and know how they spend their time with an employee time clock in your office.

A time clock is a tool on which many huge organizations rely. In every shift, an employee punches in to start the timer and start work, then he or she clocks out at the end of the working shift to end it. As an employer, you can pay that employee for the right number of hours they worked.

If you are a busy business owner, supervising employee attendance can be challenging, mainly if they have variable schedules. With a timeclock, you will know when your staff members are working and when they are not, making it convenient to see attendance issues.

After all, time theft is a costly problem many organizations face. It happens when you pay your employees for time they were not even working. For example, if an employee takes a long break or is late. Hence, time clocks, mainly biometric time clocks, can decrease time theft instances because employees should be physically present to clock in and out. 

1.Experience Accuracy 

Once you introduce a time clock in your working place, it improves your payroll and record keeping accuracy. When your employees use a system to punch in and out, the employee clock automatically produces a record. It can make it easier for you to track regular and overtime hours. After all, working smart is all about removing repetitive processes and bringing the utmost accuracy. 

2.You Save Money 

The research shows that automating employee time records can lessen payroll processing costs by up to 80%, mainly by dipping the margin for human error. Since most clock systems integrate with direct deposit payroll systems flawlessly, direct deposits help you save money by dropping the cost of printing paper checks, procedures fees, and stamp price to mail checks. 

Similarly, with an employee clock, pay your staff members correctly as per the time they have worked and comply with state laws.  

3.Better Productivity 

Since you store and report all the information on the time clock through an automated system, it eliminates the need to keep time and attendance by hand. Once you do it, it may save time and confusion by refuting incorrect documented times. It also decreases the amount of staff that you need to manage the data.

It even offers an accurate account of time and attendance data to your payroll department. Once there is a biometric clock in your current scheduling processes, it will help you to manage business processes rightly, and it will lead to a complete increase in productivity.

4.Better Employees Accountability 

One of the best features of an employee time clock is the audit trails. Everything done with the clocking in and out of your employees gets recorded, tracked, and saved for future use. With automated clock technology, there is no question of the data being inaccurate based on human error. 

It even removes the risk of any sort of favoritism or changes to the timesheets. Once your staff members understand that they are exclusively responsible for their actions and performance at work, and they will be held accountable for taking unscheduled breaks, time-off, or lunches, productivity will massively increase.

Plus, automated employee clocks also make everybody feel comfortable that anyone will not take longer breaks than allocated, which cuts into working time. Everyone needs to clock back in to get paid, rather than possibly dodging that clock-in time on paper.

5. Safe and Easy to Use 

Generally, time clocks need no password, pin, or cards, removing the chances of the documentation getting lost, stolen, or forgotten. This makes the procedure of clocking in and out for shifts quite simple for workers. It also removes the possibility of upper management or human resource teams taking time out of their day to make lost or stolen badges. 

Except for the accident of an employee getting a serious-physical injury or disease, biometric clock technology stays permanent and consistent. And even if you are operating in different locations and have employees working remotely or running on the field, you can enable them to punch the clock anytime and anywhere. After all, employee clock software is GPS-enabled and works everywhere across the world.

To sum up, employee time clock Software can be revolutionary for your office. Moreover, timekeeping solutions are perfect for you if you have a mobile workforce that goes out to different work sites.  


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