12 Interesting Facts About Timepieces

Interesting Facts All About Timepieces

For as long as humankind continues to have a fascination with time, watches will continue to be a relevant accessory. For some, watches are more than an accessory, they are a NECESSITY.

Below are a few fascinating facts you may or may not have known about watches.

1. Early Watches Only Had the Hour Hand

Watches have been around since the 15th and 16th centuries, only showing hour hands initially. It wasn’t until the early 17th century that minute hands were incorporated.

2. Wristwatches Were Designed for Women Initially

Yes, you read that right. Wristwatches were first designed for women. Men had a propensity to wear pocket watches and did not jump on that trend train until around the First World War, likely because wristwatches are far more practical in wartime scenarios.


3. Wristwatches Weren’t Popular Until the First World War

As mentioned before, men didn’t widely start using wristwatches until WWI. Soldiers in the great war used them because they afforded more freedom of movement and ease of use in the trenches.

4. Rolex was Created in Great Britain, Not Switzerland

Rolex may be one of the best-known watch brands, but it was not created in the best-known watch city. Rolex was created in Great Britain back in 1905 and didn’t make the move to Geneva until 1920.

5. Mass-Produced, 2 Timezone Pocket Watches Aren’t as Old as You Think

Mass-produced pocket watches weren’t introduced until 1853. It was at this time that Tissot brought to the public mass-produced pocket watches with 2 time zones.


6. Jaques Cousteau is Credited with Making Submariner Watches Popular

Famous man of the sea Jaques Cousteau had a hand in the successes of the Rolex Submariner by featuring it in his 1954 documentary The Silent World.

7. The Most Expensive Watch Belonged to Paul Newman

Paul Newman’s Rolex was sold at an auction for $17.8 million dollars, breaking world records at the time of its sale.

8. Stanley Kubrick had Special Watches Made for his 2001: A Space Odyssey

The great Stanley Kubrick (known for his meticulous nature) approached Hamilton back in 1966 to make custom timepieces for his adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous novel. The design team at Hamilton gave him the Odyssee 2001 and the Pulsar (equipped with an LED display) in 1970.

9. Display Watches are Often Set to “Happy Time”

Retailers often set their watches to either [10:10] or sometimes [1:50] because it mildly resembles a “happy face”.


10. Watches Are Iconically Represented in Cinema

Sean Connery donned the Rolex Submariner, and Daniel Craig an Omega — both men playing compelling versions of James Bond, an iconic character in cinema and literature.

11. Watch Functions Are Called “Complications”

Any function besides telling the time is called a “complication,” which can be anything from water resistance to moon phase. Divers and pilot watches will generally have many complications while dress watches are generally more minimalist.

12. Dive Watches Are Tested for Implosion

Dive watch models are tested to their limits in the research development phase for maximum durability and dependability.

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