Rhythm mini Grandfather Clock CRJ749NR06


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The Belvedere is our newest addition to our mantel lineup. It’s shape and style is influenced by traditional grandfather clocks, but without the size and hassle. The clock is a little over 20 inches tall, but it brings a big sound and a wide variety of features. The clock case is crafted from alder wood and it is dressed in beautiful woodwork and stained with a rustic cherry and black glaze. Great wood design, a swinging pendulum, and our WSM sound system are sure to make the Belvedere one of our best sellers. Plays one of 19 melodies every hour on the hour from 2 different melody selections, or hourly / quarterly Westminster chimes.

Wooden Musical Clock
MDF + Alder Frame
Demo Button
Volume Control
Auto Night Shut-Off
On/Off Switch
20.6″H x 7.8″W
3.9 Lbs.
1 Year Warranty
3 AA Batteries Included
19 Melodies
Westminster Chimes
UPC # 009136749067

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