Kieninger Clock Movement HTU 06

Kieninger Clock Movement HTU 06


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Kieninger Clock Movement – HTU 06

About this item:

  • 1/4 Cable movement with triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington ) on 9 tubes
  • 7-day Run-time
  • Plate size: 158 x 230 x 2,8mm
  • Diamond milled plate edges, 24 bronze brushings, and 12 brass set genuine rubies (fly wheel, fly wheel drive, escapement and anchor pivots)
  • Pallet anchor with stationary escapement (Graham)
  • Automatic beat adjustment
  • Maintaining Power
  • True second
  • Separate chime shut-off for hour and melody with weight drop
  • Auto night shut-off between 10pm and 7:15am
  • Integrated dial lock lever
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